Instant Tea Premix

Offered Instant Tea Premix, enable you to have a best tea-time without any hassle. enjoy anytime and anywhere. Making your beverage by using these premixes is really an easy task. It can be make with a cup of hot water and the right process of stirring. The concoction is provided with balanced sugar ratio and is applicative in homes and offices.

Instant Coffee Premix

Offered Instant Coffee Premix is made from brewed coffee beans which enables you to quickly make hot and cold coffee with the addition of hot and cold water. The range comes with reduced shipping volume & weight if compared with ground coffee or beans. Provided with extended shelf life, it lets you to get a cup of aromatic filter coffee, enriched with taste and recreation.

Instant Soup Premix

We offer Soup Premix, Instant Soup Premix, which has been made from with superior quality ingredients & tasty spices. The concoction is improved with comestible and wholesome ingredients without the tint of any unhygienic preservative. Resourceful to be used in homes, offices and restaurants, the range is completely healthful and can effortlessly made.