Presenting a wide range of Beverages like Instant Coffee Premix, Karak Tea Sweetened Premix, Karak Tea Unsweetened Premix, Masala Tea Sweetened Premix, Cardamom Tea Premix, Masala Tea Premix etc,,

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As a leading business enterprise,Neel Beverages Private Limited with the Mission is to achieve global standards of excellence in its business operations with central focus on client's Satisfaction and Premium Quality with Reasonable Price. It has introduced high-quality Tea and Coffee Premix for overcoming several disadvantages of Tea Bags like tea gets cold before the flavor comes, increase in wastage and so on. Neel Beverages Pvt. Ltd. is one of the upcoming manufacturers of Instant Coffee Powder and Instant Tea Powder in India with its strong background and excellent footholds in the Indian Markets. The company have gained widespread recognition for its beverage products known for their distinct tastes, premium quality, distinguishing aroma and choice of wholesome beverages for its clients. The company firmly believes in following fair and professional policies in its business dealings and offers the clients Tea and Coffee Premix with International Standard at competitive prices. It has got widespread recognition with striking repute for its products like Instant Tea. Having received ISO 22000 / 2005 for maintaining the global food safety standards, the company has planned out to cater for domestic as well as international retail markets.

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We believe that our phenomenal growth and success in the vertical is the outcome of both our domain expertness and passion of our zealous personnel.